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It is our pleasure to announce the international chick meeting, Chick 7: Avian Model Systems, to be held in Nagoya, Japan, in November 2012.
The first International Chick Meeting, held in 2003 was chaired by Dave Burt and Olivier Pourquie at Hinxton, Cambridge, UK and marked the start of the chicken genome project. This was followed by the second, held in 2004, and organized by Rob Krumlauf and Olivier Pourquie of Stower's Institute, commemorating its accomplishment. Subsequent meetings have had a strong impact on avian research, spurring collaborations utilizing cells, embryos and genetic systems of the chicken. For this reason, we were honored to host the first International Chick Meeting in Asia, which we had planned for the summer of 2011 in Sendai. However the Tohoku Earthquake on 11 March 2011 obliged us to postpone this meeting. With the encouragement and support of our colleagues from around the world, we are happy to announce the Seventh International Chick Meeting as the title of Chick 7: Avian Model Systems, in Nagoya, in November 2012.
Nagoya is an academic and cultural center for the poultry study in Japan and has a long tradition of poultry farming. The local chicken strain Nagoya Kochin established a century ago has an excellent reputation for the production of good eggs and meat and is considered a delicacy in Japan. Nagoya University Avian Bioscience Research Center was established in 2007 on the basis of this tradition.
The meeting aims at sharing new information among researchers who use avians in their research and to foster new collaborations. In keeping with this, each presentation should include new unpublished data.
Venue: Nagoya University Noyori Conference Hall (14-17 November)
Hotel Rubura Ohzan (18 November)
Meeting: 14-18 November, 2012
Abstract deadline: 30 September, 2012 (Japanese time)
Registration deadline: 31 October, 2012 (Japanese time)
Keynote Lectures:
(so far confirmed)
Makoto Manabe (National Science Museum, Tokyo, Japan): A new look at the evolution of dinosaurs to modern birds

Craig Smith (Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, Melbourne, Australia: Recent advances in our understanding of avian sex determination

Shinji Iijima (Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan): Germline transgenesis of chicken

Olivier Pourquie (Institut de Genetique et de Biologie Cellulaire et Moleculaire, Strasbourg, France): Patterning of the vertebrate embryonic axis
Further updates will be posted on this site as they become available. Please check back.
Please feel free to pass on this information to your colleagues who may be interested.
Organizing Committee
Chair: Harukazu Nakamura (Tohoku Univ)
Parker Antin (Univ of Arizona), Marianne Broner-Fraser (Caltec), Dave Burt (Roslin Inst), Kimiko Fukuda (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ), Fernando Giraldez (Univ Pompeu Fabra), Chaya Kalcheim (Hebrew Univ), Hisato Kondoh (Osaka Univ), Catheline Krull (Univ of Michigan), Raj Ladher (CDB), Yoichi Matsuda (Nagoya Univ), Mitsuru Naito (NIAS), Olivier Pouquie (IGBMC), Yuki Sato (Kumamoto Univ), Gary Schoenwolf (Univ Utah), Guojun Sheng (CDB), Claudo Stern (UCL), Kate Storey (Univ Dundee), Yoshiko Takahashi (NAIST), Koji Tamura (Tohoku Univ), Cheryll Tickle (Univ Bath), Takashi Yoshimura (Nagoya Univ),Takayuki Suzuki (Sendai), Yoshio Wakamatsu (Tohoku Univ), Yuji Watanabe (Tohoku Univ)
Co-organized by the National BioResource Project (NBRP) for the Avian in Japan (leader: Yoichi Matsuda).
Program Committee
Dave Burt, Chaya Kalheim, Raj Ladher, Takayuki Suzuki
Confirmed sponsors: Bex CO LTD; Unique Medical Imada.
Bex Co. Ltd., Company of Biologists, Terumo Life Science Foundation,
Developmental Dynamics, Wiley, Olympus,
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