Meeting Report

Colloquium on Brain Fitness and Smart Aging

(September, 29, 2010. University of Central Florida


The Colloquium on Brain Fitness and Smart Aging proved an invaluable opportunity for me to observe the similarities and differences between the academic environment which I have grown accustomed to while working in Japan and that which I had been given a taste of during my undergraduate years at Florida State. 

While listening to the presentations by our Tohoku University delegates, my eyes were opened to the richness of solutions Japan is working on to ease the negative effects of aging. As Japan is faced with one of the world’s largest aging societies, I am of the opinion that the world should keep an eye on the advances it makes to improve the lives of its aging population. In doing so, aging populations in all countries might realize a better quality of life than previous generations could expect.


Smart Ageing Session

1.  Purpose of the Session, Aging in Japan, Introducing SAIRC
  Hiroyuki Murata

     SAIRC, Tohoku University
2.  Entertainment and Human Brain Function
     Ryuta Kawashima

     SAIRC, Tohoku University

3.  Entertainment and Biofeedback
     Shinichiro Kanoh

     IDAC, Tohoku University

4.  Entertainment and virtual reality
     Makoto Yoshizawa

     Cyberscience Center, Tohoku University



           Mr. Hiroyuki Murata                              Dr. Ryuta Kawashimar



        Dr. Shinichiro Kanoh                         Dr. Makoto Yoshizawa