May, 2010


Update Information of Staff page.

Please look at the "Staff page".

Update construction report of SAIRC building. 

Please look at the "SAIRC building imformation page".


Update new department of Research and Development information.

Please look at "About SAIRC" and "Staff page".



April, 2010


Update group photo of SAIRC member on the Staff page. 

Please look at the "Staff page".

The construction of SAIRC building started. 

The completion is a plan of the ends this year.

Sometimes, Post the report of the construction situation in a this top page.


Update SAIRC new member information on the Staff page.



January, 2010


We will organize a joint workshop with AARP at Orlando on 28th and/or 29th Sep 2010. 

Details will be informed later.


This site starts.