Division of Strategic Planning

The Division of Strategic Planning is responsible for promoting collaborative research with internationally cutting-edge organizations, interdisciplinary industry-academy collaboration, and intergenerational learning between older adults and younger students based on the philosophy of Smart Aging and research results from Division of Research and Development. SAIRC has agreed the Academic Partnership Agreement with AARP and is working on collaborative research. Smart Aging College and Smart Aging Square are scheduled to open at SAIRC new building in 2011.

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Collaborative Research with Internationally Cutting-edge Organizations

SAIRC has agreed the Academic Partnership Agreement with AARP as the first non-American University. AARP is the world largest non-profit membership organization for people over 50. AARP’s headquarter is located in Washington D.C., USA. SAIRC and AARP are jointly working on “Smart Aging Initiative” which will undertake to bring the “Smart Aging Ways” to the US, based on its successful experience in Japan. The Advisory Committee, made up of leading researches and opinion leaders, is preparing the Learning Therapy trial in the US.


Learning Therapy, a non-drug therapy for dementia care and prevention, is one of the brain children of SAIRC. The principle of the Learning Therapy is scientifically-proven and its medical effect is widely acknowledged in international academic societies. At over 1,400 nursing homes and senior centers in Japan, over 17,000 people tried Learning Therapy and got outstanding results of dementia improvement and prevention. Since the dementia population in the US is three times as that in Japan, the demand for dementia improvement and prevention in the US is much bigger than that in Japan. Therefore, the expectation to the Learning Therapy is significant in the US.

On the other hand, there are many types of entertainments in the US since the US is a center of entertainment industry such as movie, musical, etc. As one of the activities of the Smart Aging Initiative, International Workshop on Entertainment & Smart Aging will be held in the US co-hosted by AARP and SAIRC in 2010.

SAIRC also actively promotes collaborative research with cutting-edge organizations in Europe and Asia.

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Neurosocial-economics Study

Nursing care prevention currently promoted by the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry only focuses on the improving the function of locomotorium, valance of nutrition, and function of oral cavity. This approach has lack of viewpoints on prevention of dementia and depression as well as on return on investment of preventive care cost. We are anxious that current care prevention program cannot follow the predicted increase of dementia population which will cause hypanthia increase of social welfare cost.

To avoid this, SAIRC will promote “neurosocial-economics study” which reduces the cost of medical and care at present and future, and stimulates economic demand of individuals by life intervention such as muscle training and brain training which enable older adults to improve their brain function and mental health.


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