Index of JSAO2010

The 48th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Artificial Organs

Welcome Message

On behalf of the Japanese Society for Artificial Organs (JSAO), it is our great pleasure and honour to invite and welcome you to the 48th Annual Meeting of the JSAO (JSAO2010) in Sendai.

Sendai city is the political and economic centre of Japan’s Tohoku (northeast) region, and possesses beautiful scenery, being called the “City of Trees.” The city enjoys a very comfortable and temperate climate compared to other cities in Japan.

The Sendai International Center, as the conference venue of the JSAO2010, is located along side of the Hirose-gawa River that runs through central Sendai. The JSAO2010 will bring together distinguished surgeons, clinicians, and scientists of biotechnologies and biomedical engineering from Asia Pacific Region. The recent establishment of the Asian Society for Artificial Organs is conceived under Professor Tominaga’s leadership, the Chairman of the JSAO Board. And the JSAO2010 offers the Asian Pacific Travel Grant (APTG) to researchers travelling from Asia Pacific Region to present high quality papers at the meeting.

On behalf of the JSAO Board, the Scientific Board and the Local Organizing Committee, I cordially welcome you to Sendai and to the JSAO2010.

Tomoyuki Yambe
Congress President JSAO2010