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1: J Immunol 2001 Mar 1;166(5):3256-65Related Articles, Books, LinkOut
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Functional association of CD9 with the Fc gamma receptors in macrophages.

Kaji K, Takeshita S, Miyake K, Takai T, Kudo A.

Department of Life Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Yokohama, Japan.

CD9, a member of the tetraspan family of proteins, is highly expressed on macrophages. Although a clear function for the molecule has yet to be described, we have found that the anti-CD9 mAb activates mouse macrophages. The rat anti-CD9 mAb, KMC8.8, but not the F(ab')(2), induced tyrosine phosphorylation of proteins including syk and cbl and induced cell aggregation in the mouse macrophage cell line, J774, suggesting that co-cross-linking of CD9 and Fc gamma R was required for the signal. Co-cross-linking of CD9-Fc gamma R with KMC8.8 on macrophages from three different FcR-deficient mice, FcR gamma-chain(-/-), Fc gamma RIIB(-/-), and Fc gamma RIII(-/-), revealed that Fc gamma RIII is specific and crucial for syk phosphorylation. Although both KMC8.8 and the anti-Fc gamma RIIB/III mAb, 2.4G2, evoked similar phosphorylation patterns, only KMC8.8 induced cell aggregation. Additionally, KMC8.8 treatment led to reduce levels of TNF-alpha production and p42/44 extracellular signal-related kinase phosphorylation relative to 2.4G2 stimulation. Immunofluorescence staining showed that co-cross-linking of CD9-Fc gamma R with KMC8.8 induced filopodium extension before cell aggregation, which was followed by simultaneous colocalization of CD9, Fc gamma RIIB/III, Mac-1, ICAM-1, and F-actin at the cell-cell adhesion site. Moreover, KMC8.8 treatment of Fc gamma R-deficient macrophages revealed that the colocalization of CD9, Fc gamma RIII, Mac-1, and F-actin requires co-cross-linking of CD9-Fc gamma RIII, whereas co-cross-linking of CD9-Fc gamma RIIB induced the colocalization of only CD9 and Fc gamma RIIB. Our results demonstrate that co-cross-linking of CD9 and Fc gamma Rs activates macrophages; therefore, CD9 may collaborate with FcRs functioning in infection and inflammation on macrophages.

PMID: 11207280 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]